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"Barry, Roger Colvin and I co-Founded Bullhorn in 1999. We worked side by side, night and day for 10 years. Barry is one of the most incredible entrepreneurs I have ever met. And, he was a true partner to me and Roger as we built Bullhorn from nothing to a multi-national enterprise with thousands of clients around the world. Barry is charismatic and passionate, thoughtful and visionary, unwavering in the face of adversity and a true leader. There's no way Bullhorn would be the amazing company it is today without Barry's decade of blood, sweat and tears. I'd work with Barry again in a heartbeat."

-Art Papas

CEO at Bullhorn, Inc

"I've known Barry Hinckley for over 25 years. To truly understand his entrepreneurial spirit, we'll need to turn back the clock to when he was a young boy growing up in a small coastal village in Maine. Rather than take an allowance, Barry convinced his parents to invest in a string of lobster traps. Barry saw that the market for Maine lobsters was surging, and he knew that there was money to be made. He built a successful business reselling sunglasses in high school. In college, he opened a tee shirt stand which he grew into several retail stores and included a printing factory. Barry then ventured into digital mapping and ran a successful hedge fund. Along the way, he founded the first community newsgroup on the Internet; which is the event that brought us together for a year at BBN. Though a step down, Barry saw the sales role as an opportunity to make some money and learn firsthand how Internet technology could be used to build a business. The job was no cakewalk. It was a highly complex technical sell. Reps were usually given 6 - 8 months to ramp into the role. Barry proved to be a quick study. Within a few weeks, he was closing six figure deals. He outsold everyone. At the time of his departure, he was ranked at the top of a national sales team that included over 200 reps. Here is why I believe he was so successful. From day one, Barry refused to accept the status quo. He relentlessly pursued new and innovative ways to reach his target audience. When he had a good idea, he moved quickly, assertively and passionately. He was fearless. Barry's own confidence in his ability to succeed and his dogged persistence were unmatched. As expected, Barry outgrew his role at BBN and left to found Bullhorn Inc., now the world leader in on-demand CRM software for the staffing industry. As I look back on it, this experience proved to be extremely valuable for my own development. Barry taught me about trusting your instincts, thinking differently, believing in your ability, and the importance of not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of your personal and professional goals. Barry is a great leader and a good friend. I'd highly recommend him for anything he puts his mind to doing."

-Chris Cloney

Vice President, Sales at Accordant Media

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